Premium Portable Winch Forestry Assortment

Premium Portable Winch Forestry Assortment

Portable Winch Co.

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The same kit for forestry, but with an HPPE rope choker and 328' rope with medium bag. These take the place of the heavier chain choker and 164' rope with small bag.

Still everything you need to pull in logs efficiently and safely. Just "lighter and longer" options.

Includes the following:

- PCW5000 gas powered pulling winch
- 328' of 1/2" low-stretch rope (PCA-1213M)
- Medium rope bag (PCA-1256)
- 8' polyester sling (PCA-1259)
- Stainless steel swing side snatch block (PCA-1274)
- Grab hook (PCA-1282)
- Skidding cone (PCA-1290)
- HPPE rope choker (PCA-1372)

Plus 2 steel locking carabiners (PCA-1276).

Ships to most domestic locations in 2-4 business days.