Portable Winch PCH2000 Lifting/Pulling Winch

Portable Winch PCH2000 Lifting/Pulling Winch

Portable Winch Co.

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For the maximum lifting capacity!

The PCH2000 is equipped with a Honda GX160cc engine and offers superior performance in a wide variety of task such as tower erection, raising antennas, heavy insulator replacement, cable pulling and rugged jobs.

This winch is rated for loads of up to 450 kg. A block and tackle system will increase the lifting capacity to 900 kg.

The integrated rope grabbing system allows the operator to work safely and the start/stop mechanism that makes it easy to concentrate on the task at hand.

The centrifugal clutch is activated by pulling on the rope, which means that as soon as the operator stops pulling, the throttle goes back to idle, the drum stops rotating (preventing rope damage) and the rope grabbing systems holds the load in position.

This system allows lifting and lowering of loads.

A vast range of accessories simplify the installation process and allows the use of various anchor points such as vehicles, poles, pylons and more.

*Note: One (1) anchor polyester sling 60 mm x 2 m is always included with every winch.


Maximum pulling force with installed drum (imperial) : 2535 lb
Rated lifting capacity with installed drum (imperial) : 990 lb

Installed : 85 mm
Optional : N/A

85 mm drum : 60'/min

Lifting : Low stretch double braided polyester - unlimited length - Eye splice and thimble mandatory for lifting applications
Minimum diameter (imperial) : 1/2"
Maximum diameter (imperial) : 1/2"
Ideal diameter (imperial) : 1/2"

Engine/Motor : Honda GX-160 cc
Gear box and gears : Aluminium alloy gear box. Heat treated 3 stage spur gears. Shafts mounted on ball bearings. Oil bath lubrication.
Gear ratio : 53:1
Brake : Double one way bearing
Clutch : Centrifugal
Drum turns with engine idling : No
Work cycle : Continuous

Weight (imperial) : 76 lb
Length (imperial) : 18''
Width (imperial) : 14-5/8''
Height (imperial) : 14-1/4''

Included : Polyester sling 60 mm x 2 m (PCA-1260)

Private use : 2 years
Commercial use : 1 year
Engine/Motor : Honda International Warranty

Certification : CE and M3 (ISO) Lifting

Additional information : Register your winch at www.portablewinch.com and get 1 EXTRA YEAR of warranty for FREE !