Gear Up for Hunting Season with a Portable Winch

Portable Winches make hauling your moose, elk, deer, or other big game much easier. If you're tired of quartering your animals or spending all day and night packing out your game, consider the convenience of a pre-made kit with either of the Portable Winch models.

Our best selling option for hunters is the PCW3000 Hunting Kit (currently $101 off!), but some customers choose to go with the PCW5000 Hunting Kit since they want the added versatility of using the stronger winch for other applications such as skidding logs.

We also offer a hunting kit for customers who already have either of the winches. This is called the PCW3000 Hunting Accessories Kit, which also is offered in a Deluxe version that includes a pack frame for easier transport.
Need the stronger PCW5000? (It's hunting kit is currently $182 off) Learn more: