No matter the anchor point, we have a Portable Winch accessory for it. Whether it’s a tree, a vehicle, a post or anything that is heavier than what you are pulling, you can choose the right accessory for the job.



Pulleys are often useful to change the line pull direction of loads, get some lift on the rope or to double, triple or even quadruple the pulling power.



For the best performance, always use genuine Portable Winch ropes with your winch. Double braid construction, low stretch, heat and abrasion resistance make this rope a durable choice.

Lengths available: from 164' to 984' (50 to 300 meters).

Rope bags are perfect for storing your rope without twisting it, and keeping it clean. They are also useful for storage and transport of small accessories such as pulleys, slings, choker chains and carabiners.

Rope bag model PCA-0103 is designed to be attached securely to the Back Transporter PCA-0104. Other models are carried by hand and on your back (PCA-1256).

Hint: To push rope easily into the rope bag, attach a carabiner to your belt and put the rope thru: it will fall into the bag without coils.




No matter where you need to bring your winch, it can be done with ease using one of our transport systems. You can even carry the PCW3000 on your back with the molded pack frame. Protect your nvestment and keep all your tools in one place: you will find everything easily for your next outing!


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