Battery 82V - 5 ah (PCA-0201)

Battery 82V - 5 ah (PCA-0201)


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5 Amperes Lithium-Ion batteries for Portable Winch PCW3000-Li.

With its great autonomy, this Greenworks Commercial brand battery will allow you to accomplish your tasks with no worries.

In addition to being compatible with other Greenworks Commercial brand battery-powered tools, positioning the battery in the winch is very simple.

It has a slow charge loss when not used; its rate of self discharge is of only 1.25% per month.

Besides, it can be recharged to its full capacity at any moment of the discharge cycle without damaging its cells. Use charger PCA-0230.

Also, it features a charge gauge that shows the remaining available working time before and during the job.  

  • High-end Lithium-Ion battery for a prolonged performance

  • Integrated battery charge indicator for an instant check of the remaining charge level

  • Advanced electronic control that optimizes the performance of the winch PCW3000-Li and its charger

  • Robust construction for a long working life

  • Recyclable