Portable Winch PCH1000 Lifting Assortment (PCH1000-LK)

Portable Winch Co.

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One each of the following

  • PCH1000 pulling/lifting winch
  • Safety lip for capstan drum 85 mm (10-0044)
  • Padded waterproof case (PCA-0350)
  • Capstan drum 85 mm with rope guide & 2 bolts (PCA-1100)
  • DBP Rope, 1/2" x 492' w/2 eye splices (PCA1213M2ESC)
  • Medium bag w/ shoulder straps (PCA-1256)
  • Tree/pole mount with anchor strap (PCA-1263)
  • Vertical pull winch support (PCA-1264)
  • Winch support plate w/bent pin (PCA-1268)
  • Stainless steel swing side snatch block (PCA-1274)
  • Shackle (PCA-1278)

 Plus two each of:

  • Steel locking carabiners (PCA-1701) 
  • Polyester slings (PCA-1259)


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